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I provide affordable line editing, proofreading and ebook formatting services for novels, short stories and similar creative works. Indie authors and clients from any country are welcome.

Types of Editing
A novel should go through at least three different types of editing, and they should be done by at least three different people. It needs content editing to help you organize your story in the most interesting and understandable way and catch any passages or plot elements that are confusing, redundant or boring. After that it needs line editing to polish the grammar, spelling, punctuation and so forth. And just when it seems like the book must be perfect, it needs proofreading to catch the errors that somehow stayed in there anyway. A good professional standard for proofreading is to keep checking until you have carefully read through the whole book once without finding a single error.

Formatting of ebooks is a related service, as it requires a lot of accuracy and attention to detail. It's quite different from print formatting because all layout elements such as page breaks, justification and even tabs and hidden field codes must be removed. In addition, there are certain normally harmless elements (15-point font in a subheading, for example) that should be removed because one or more of the ereader platforms has trouble handling them.

  • Line Editing
    • Requirements: The final draft must already be written and the content editing done. Attempts at line editing of earlier drafts will only waste your money and my time, so please be sure the story is ready. If you're not sure, feel free to contact me. I love talking with other writers, anyway, and would be glad to help you figure out if your work is ready for line editing. I'm sorry that I cannot line edit any piece I have beta read. Fresh eyes are mandatory for a professional job.
    • Pricing: $0.25 per 100 words, $5.00 minimum
  • Proofreading
    • Requirements: Line editing must be completed, and the work must be new to me.
    • Pricing: $0.10 per 100 words, $5.00 minimum
  • Ebook Formatting for Smashwords Premium Distribution
    • Requirements: Please be sure your manuscript is finished and polished. I'll format pretty much anything to fit the requirements of the Smashwords style guide, but you'll want to make sure the writing and editing are done first. If the piece is not edited according to Smashwords minimum standards, I'll let you know.
    • Pricing: $0.05 per 100 words, $10.00 minimum
To order services or ask questions, please use the contact form on the left. I look forward to working with you.

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