Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to Burn Out as a Writer

The experts tell us that a writer should write every day, and my own experience would seem to confirm this.



when I write every...single day for weeks on end, something very bad happens. My work goes dry and stiff and life gets to be a chore instead of a challenge. It's called emotional exhaustion, or burnout.

I'm not saying that 'write every day' is bad advice. In fact, I think it's good advice. I am saying it works best for me as a guideline and not a law. I write almost every day (Just try to keep me away!), but I've also learned how essential it is to take a day off once in a while to refresh my muse.


  1. I'm feeling a bit burnt out myself. I think the whole "write every day" thing may be a bit of a myth. Based on the writer survey we did in January, the majority of writers only write about 5 days a week.

  2. It's like a garden. Overwater it, everything drowns. Neglect it, everything chokes.
    Take it in moderation, and your writing thrives.