Friday, June 28, 2013

Status Report on My Books

Many of you have asked how my current book is coming along, so I thought I'd give a quick report on all of them:

An Analysis of the Cardassian Language is in its second draft, and I've been posting the chapters as I complete them. However, I don't write sequentially and I don't want to give you the chapters out of order. I got the first 17 done and posted, then started at the end, and am working backwards. I plan on writing the whole 'back' third of the book before Chapter 18. But maybe I'll need a break soon and get 18 done a little earlier than planned. We'll see.

Neither The Claw and the Eye nor Resist the Devil got a chance to get any decent editing, etc. I'm growing more connections now, and I hope to at least make them somewhat better, soon. I'll feel a lot better about promoting them when I feel more confident that they are well-presented.

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