Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What's with All the Guest Posts?

This time last year, pretty much every post in this blog had to come from me, because I hardly knew any other writers, and the ones I did know didn't write very much. Since then, I've met a lot of great writers, mostly on Twitter. A few of them in particular keep teaching me things I find very helpful, or explaining important points much better than I could. There's also the fact that I've noticed my readers seem happiest (or at least most engaged) when I post frequently, and that can be time-consuming. So for all these reasons, I've decided to step back from being the primary writer for this blog, and become something more like an editor-in-chief.

This means you'll no longer see the words 'guest post' in the titles to the entries by other people, but I will still introduce them so you know who they are and can check out their websites, books or whatever.

Feedback is always appreciated, whether it agrees or disagrees. In fact, I believe honest discussion among people of differing viewpoints is one of the most effective tools for creativity and problem-solving.

If you're a fiction writer, or you have something to say that would benefit fiction writers, maybe you would like to write a post. Feel free to leave a comment on any post or email me at

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