Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Do Indie Writers Need?

Okay, I know: indie writers need readers. All writers need readers. Too bad it's not as simple as that. We need our books to be coherent and riveting and eye-catching, and we need lots of readers to be aware they exist. We need somehow to spend all our time writing, and all our time marketing, and the rest of our time making a living until the first two pay off. We need people to realize we're serious professionals producing quality work.

And how do we get all that? Writer M. Joseph Murphy (@WindsWarlock on Twitter) tweeted the other day, "There's only so many hours in the day. I've just given up sleep. Much easier that way." I have a hunch that even if that were possible, it wouldn't be enough.

But the saying is true that 'many hands make light work.' (Which explains the multi-armed image associated with the Hindu supreme god Narayana. Edison's lightbulb, though, is still a mystery.) So a few of us have gotten together (virtually, of course) and created a survey to learn the specifics of what indie writers need. Once we're clear on that, we can start working together to get it.

The survey is short: just ten questions. If you're an indie writer, please take it, to help yourself and the rest of us, too:

Survey: What Indie Writers Need

Thank you.

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