Thursday, November 14, 2013

Catching Up on Sandfruit

Earlier this year I announced that my next book, The Sandfruit People, would be released on November 28. And then my mother disappeared and I stopped working on it.

I'm back at work on it now, but I doubt it will be ready in just two weeks. I do believe it will be ready before Christmas. I'll keep you informed.

Meanwhile, it's looking like this short story collection is turning into a novella. As I'm bringing out more and more detail and backstory, the various stories are becoming so connected that there's no definite break from one to the next. And since there's already an overall story arc to the collection, there doesn't seem to be any reason to fight the trend.

Here's an excerpt:

Together they walked to the pool and slipped in. The water, like the air, was warm and rich with plant life. Jett found her little sibling - the legless, genderless tadpole that would one day become a bipedal child like herself - and placed him gently in his transport case. Chegg picked up the case and they both climbed out of the pool and walked out of the tangle of carefully interwoven trees that made up their home, out into the sunshine where Chegg's car waited.
The baby didn't have to stay in the carrying case long. Chegg carefully transferred him to the tank in the back of the car and set the case on the floor in front of it.
Jett gave her little sibling a rub on his smooth, soft head, turned her nose up for one more touch from her father's knuckle and watched him go. He knew she didn't want to stay, but she was fourteen now and had school in the afternoons. 

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