Friday, December 7, 2012

Guest Bloggers Wanted: Fiction Stories

Yup, it's a shameless Google Ranking scheme, but a legit one. This is how Google Ranking is supposed to work: relevant content linking to relevant content, links that become popular by virtue or their quality, and all of that.

What I'm looking for is fiction stories, especially seasonal, humor and horror, since I don't write many of those myself. I'd love to liven this place up with a Christmas story, or Hanukkah or anything else December-ish.

I'm open to entire short stories, poems that tell stories, or excerpts of longer works as long as they can stand alone. If your piece fits, I'll post it here and provide a link to your site, blog or whatever, and ask that you provide a link to the post as well.


  1. The work needs to be your own or you need to have license to it.
  2. It needs to be tame enough that I won't run into any trouble. I've promised Blogger and the search engines that there's "no mature content" here, and I need to stick to that. 
  3. Start with a hook. Readers tend to move on if the first line doesn't grab them.
  4. I'm looking for narrative that flows like music.
  5. Please don't send teasers; that will only frustrate the readers and make them mad at me. I'm looking for whole stories, even if they are parts of longer ones.
  6. How to contact: if your story is already posted online, you're welcome to post the URL in the comments section below. Then, even if I can't use it, people can still check it out. If you'd rather more privacy or there's no URL to post, go ahead and send me an email.

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