Sunday, October 14, 2012

It Couldn't Possibly...

What if something happened to you, that couldn't possibly happen to anyone? Something so clearly against logic, against physics, against your gut, that the only possible conclusion is that it didn't happen, and yet it did?

That's the question I'm exploring in my novel Pyte It's about how two women's lives change when the distinction between what's real and what's impossible suddenly disappears.

Jade Massilon is a freelance translator and single mom from New Hampshire, and she didn't ask to be thrown into a world full of creepy paranormal 'investigators', flaky UFO enthusiasts and downright weirdos. And she certainly didn't ask to be kidnapped.

Piper Provencher is a college student in Illinois, and she didn't ask to be kidnapped, either. Or be left in the desert to bake to death in the sun.

Pyte is a blend of psychological drama, family saga and science fiction, and is based on my short stories "Pleased to Beat You" and "The Mammal Cage". (The links are to the collection, The Claw and the Eye.)

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