Friday, October 12, 2012

My Actor Wish List

Cecile de France
No, this isn't a post about my (OMG! He is like, so hot!) favorite eye candy. It's about the screenplay Star Trek: Quicksilver that I'm involved with, and who I would love to see play its characters.

Starfleet Captain NADO Merinish, half Arbazan, half Bajoran. My pick: Cecile de France. Her character in Hereafter was everything Nado: strong, resilient, intelligent, deep and sensitive. And she has the presence and grace to play both a charismatic leader and a skilled negotiator.

Starfleet Commander Robert MACLOMOND, Human. My pick: Ya got me.

Starfleet Lt. Commander K'VEL, Vulcan. My pick: Suzie Plakson. She's got the talent, the grace, the fire and the subtlety that are indispensable for a major Vulcan role. Oh, and she's even played a Vulcan before.
Suzie Plakson

Starfleet Lt. Commander MOWROGH, Klingon. My pick: Geno Segers.

Starfleet Lieutenant Erin LOBI, Human. My pick: I'm not telling yet.

Starfleet Ensign SHRAGA, Andorian. My pick: I'm not telling that yet, either.

Faine CHANNING, Human. She was born in the late 20th Century and transported to the 24th Century by the terrorist's weapon. My pick: Claire Forlani or Sabrina Lloyd. They both portray a haunting sense of insight that seems to go far beyond their ages, maybe beyond a human lifetime.

Golim TEJAT, Cardassian. Tejat was a member of the Obsidian Order, the Cardassian state intelligence service. My pick: Haven't found him yet. I'll admit it's a tall order: he'd have to fit the very big shoes of Andrew J. Robinson and Martha Hackett, who played Obsidian Order agents before him.
Geno Segers

SINIJ, Suliban. He was born in the 22nd Century and transported to the 24th Century by the terrorist's weapon. My pick: No clue.

Gul Caybin GILLEK, Cardassian. He's one of his people's top military leaders and comes from one of their 'best' families. Very few actors can meet the standard of regal bearing, haughtiness and cunning set by Linda Thorson as Gul Ocett, and Gillek has the added element of having survived the war that reduced his planet to rubble and killed most of his people. My pick: Hugh Laurie. He'd be perfect.

DREM, Xindi Reptilian. My pick: I haven't picked yet

The Terrorist, Cardassian. He's a psychopath: he survived the same horrors as Gul Gillek, only he cracked. My pick: Robert Picardo.

Have you written a script? Writing one? Thinking about it? What actors would you want to cast in it?

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