Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My NaNoWriMo 2012 Project

I've finally picked a novel to write for NaNoWriMo. Here's what I said on my "novel info" page there:


Faine Channing is visiting her cousin in Chicago when she suddenly finds herself on an alien space station 350 years in the future. Too bad the aliens, in that century, are at war with Earth. She's interrogated and kept as a prisoner for years until the war is over. This book is her journal.
It's a Star Trek book, and I'm hoping to win over Pocket Books when it's all written and edited and proofread six million times and all that.
The space station where Faine finds herself is Deep Space Nine, back when it was still called Terok Nor and the Cardassians were in charge. Bajoran laborers are the first to find her, but Cardassian soldiers arrive quickly, and soon she's brought before Gul Dukat, the station commander.


(Note: This is really an excerpt of Star Trek: Quicksilver, a script I'm writing with other authors, which takes place after the novel.) 

          FAINE (Human from 21st Century)
Yeah, Deep Space Nine, but back
when it was run by Cardassians, and
Gul Dukat was in charge. Dukat kept
me as his personal . . . prisoner,
and a few days after I got there he
had a guest. It was another gul,
and Dukat played the good host and
lent me to the other gul for the
night....He didn’t touch me all night, or in
the morning, either, and then he
left. I was sure Dukat was going to
kill me, and then I started
worrying that he wouldn’t kill me.
          SINIJ (Suliban Cabalist)
Kill you? For what offense?
Dukat sent me to that room to
please Gillek, and I failed.
Couldn't even get him to look at
          MOWROGH (Klingon)
     (turned off my by Faine's appearance)
Maybe humans just aren't his type.
          TEJAT (Cardassian former spy)
     (to himself)
Try telling that to Dukat.
          YOUNGER NADO (Half-Bajoran Starfleet Captain)
It looks like he decided not to
kill you.
Eventually a guard came and took me
to Dukat’s office, and Gillek was
there with Dukat, and I was just
thinking, please kill me, please
kill me. It was all I could do not
to say it out loud. I knew if I
actually asked him, he wouldn’t do
it. And then Dukat looked at me and
said, "I’ve sold you, Terran. You
belong to Gul Gillek now." And that
was all. I left with Gillek on his
ship, and I remained a prisoner on
that ship until the war was over.
Oh, and the title. Yes, the title, tentatively, is An Analysis of the Cardassian Language.

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